Creekside Montessori: Joyful Learning Community is a school established by parents and educators to meet the needs of a growing population of students who do not thrive in the traditional education system. We believe that learning should be a natural, joyful experience. It is our hope that every child that deserves this experience can be a part of our school. We are starting out with ages 3-6 with the idea of expanding to older students as soon as we are able to. We have set this school up as a non-profit business so any donations can be a tax write-off.

Mission Statement: Creekside Montessori is here to work with families to create a peaceful community of diverse, respectful, self-motivated and independent learners who seek out and joyfully embrace academic and social opportunities.

  • Margaret Williams


    Margaret Williams has been teaching school in the early grades for 27 years. She loves working with children and watching them discover, learn and grow. She is a proud mom and grandma. There is nothing she loves more than to be in the presence of young people who are actively engaged in learning.

  • Rose Hammon

    Board Member/Consultant

    Rose is a fully certified AMS Montessori teacher, who for the last 3 years has been working at a private Montessori school as the lead kindergarten teacher & Field Supervisor for intern teachers. Rose holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in Child Psychology and a minor in Marriage and Family Studies, she is currently working towards her master's in Social Work. She is passionate about her work with children, observing the natural learning process, and supporting the development of the whole child. In her spare time, she enjoys doing consulting work for families & co-ops who are interested in bringing Montessori home.

  • Stan Shepp

    Board Member

    Stan is the owner of Southwest Automatic Sprinklers, Inc. and has been designing and installing fire protection systems for over 35 years. Stan has a passion for educating the whole child and making innovative, individualized instruction available to today's youth. His experience comes not only from his young children at home, but also a keen sense of what was missing from his own educational experience. Stan loves to learn and to share knowledge. He honors the natural desire to learn and values providing the appropriate opportunities to do so. Stan invests in the success of our future leaders by developing and expanding the options available to the children in our homes and our community.

  • Susan Mackert

    Board Member

  • Florence Barlow

    Prenda Guide

    My name is Florence Barlow. I Guide Prenda grades 5th-8th at Creekside Montessori. I am a wife, a mother to three littles, a beekeeper, reader, artist, yogi and homesteader, among many other interests. I never expected to be a teacher, in fact I vowed not to be. That was before I found the Prenda and Montessori philosophies. Through learning alongside my students in an environment that leaves room for curiosity, fun, mistakes and just being ourselves, I have rediscovered the passion for learning that I left behind in my early school years. I enjoy watching each child’s unique journey and being there to guide them towards their personal goals. I feel so much gratitude every day to have fulfilling work that helps me grow as an individual, connect with my community and collaborate with other like-minded people.

  • Debbie Cooke


  • Cathy Stubbs


  • Rennae Hammon

    Teacher Assistant

  • Cameron Hammon


  • Simeon Hammon